SYNRGY is better than my way or your way. It's our way

SYNRGY is one of BCA's commitment in supporting Indonesia's digital economy from upstream to downstream (“hulu ke hilir”). The downstream is the SYNRGY Accelerator which aims to develop startup ecosystem in Indonesia through an accelerator program. While the upstream is the SYNRGY Academy, where we build people through a scholarship program for Indonesia digital talent. The background why BCA holds SYNRGY is because BCA is a bank, originating from the Latin word "banco '' which means bench (“bangku”). In the old days everyone sat in the stall, sat on the same bench to discuss business ideas or find solutions, build trust and eventually the community developed. Now in the digital age, we provide SYNRGY as a bench where startups and BCA group can work together to develop and nurture Indonesia’s digital economy.



SYNRGY Accelerator located in Jakarta is a startup accelerator program which also a collaboration platform between startup communities and BCA group, aiming to help the growth of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia.

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SYNRGY Academy located in Yogyakarta is a scholarship program for Indonesia digital talent through bootcamp program. Our curriculum is designed so that students can learn both technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

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